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Karmit Fadael

15 April 2024

Canto and Karmit With Noord Nederlands Orchestra

Today, the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam hosted the unique symphonic blend of the Noord Nederlands Orkest and Fryslân-raised composer Karmit Fadael.

3 April 2024

O táxi n.º 9297: An Auditory Time Travel

Today the Muziekgebouw played host to a mesmerizing performance called O táxi n.º 9297. It was an orchestral narration that weaved through the silent film of the same name, a masterpiece dating back to 1927.

2 February 2024

Harmonies and Conversations

The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, celebrated as the world’s largest festival dedicated to string quartets, unfolded its rich tapestry of melodies and harmonies at the Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam.

Boudewijn Jansen - Carmina Burana (foto Robert Verhoeve)

8 December 2023

A Symphony of Sounds: Carmina Burana in Muziekgebouw

As the Muziekgebouw’s Grote Zaal dimmed, the stage was set for a night of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. But beyond the spotlight, another symphony was in play - our backstage ballet of sound engineering.

AskoSchonberg + LOD - Rhapsody (foto Kurt Van der Elst)

24 November 2023

Harmony in the Load Out

Last night, at the esteemed Muziekgebouw, as the echoes of “Rhapsody” faded away in the Grote Zaal, a different kind of symphony began backstage.

3 November 2023

Dauw: a Prelude to Daylight in Sound and Story

On a crisp November evening, the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam was transformed into a threshold between night and day, courtesy of ‘Dauw’, a unique performance by the Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest.

Richard Bona (foto Yassine Toumi)

2 September 2023

Richard Bona and the Metropole Orchestra

Last night, the Grote Zaal of Muziekgebouw aan het IJ was graced by the extraordinary talents of Richard Bona and the Metropole Orchestra.

HvA Impact Xperience hero graphic

29 August 2023

Opening of the HvA Academic Year

On August 29th, I was part of the stage hand team for the Impact Xperience event at Muziekgebouw aan het IJ in Amsterdam.

Opening of Holland Festival 2023 in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Amsterdam. Copyright Ada Nieuwendijk

10 June 2023

Holland Festival 2023

I was part of the setup for the Holland Festival 2023, marking its remarkable 76th edition.

Symfonieorkest de Philharmonie

4 June 2023

Symfonieorkest de Philharmonie

Worked as a humble stage hand at Muziekgebouw for the Italiaans drama event, performed by the renowned Symfonieorkest De Philharmonie.