The Defiant Red

My very own father is a renowned expert of ceramic glazes. It’s been his work his entire life. And retirement or not, it seems he has a little trouble letting go…

Joking aside. Anyone who has been tasked with producing a new glaze in the color red, sooner or later ends up chatting with him. He’s the authority on this, and always open to sharing recipes, resources, anything.

All that knowledge is available in book form. Self-published and from what I hear, the first edition is already about to run out. 🧐 Naturally, I made the website for it. Last week I’ve completely rehauled it. Gotta keep up. (Although I think the old one wasn’t even responsive.)

The new one is, responsive I mean, and it looks darn pretty too. It haz all the latest clouds. HTTP/2, asset optimisation, Stripe Checkout 3.0, https via Let’s Encrypt, and the latest and greatest of secure headers.