Ruby on Rails. Still madly in love after all those years.

It is one of the great web frameworks. Airbnb and Shopify are built with it, to name just two.

I can’t help but still be madly in love with it. Even though it‘s been around since biblical times, it shows no signs of aging. Given a choice, we always use it to build web somethings. Here is why.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Allow me to take you back to around y2k. Joost was a Java Enterprise Edition consultant at the time. I went to businesses in the land to write them some code. We thought that weeks, actually more likely months, were the norm until you had done did something useful. All this accompanied with a cornucopia of xml files to glue everything together. We billed €100 per hour and life was fucking amazing.

Then my friend Thijs Cadier, who once was my coworker at Ilse Media, told me to forget everything I knew, quit consulting at once,–especially Java–and only use Ruby on Rails to build shit from then on out. Which is exactly what I did. Thijs is usually not wrong and he wasn’t then either. Thank you Thijs, work has been amazing!

Why Rails is amazing

It is the most complete package. Use Rails and you have everything you need to build a grown-up web application from top to bottom. No other framework has this, except maybe for Django. To be sure, Rails has lots of downsides. If those need addressing, we solve them by mixing some other piece of technology. Usually that means using React for anything serious in the view. Other than that, we thankfully board a moving vehicle where we don’t have to think about database connection pooling, testing, configuration, deployment, down to where everything freaking goes. By making mundane choices for us, Rails frees us to really consider the creative ones. Which ultimately means more consideration for our customers. Win!