Mr. Jones, the world-renowned tea brand

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Jones is now maintained by Space Babies.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

Okay who is he

Who he is? He is a high-end tea brand sold in The Netherlands.

The owners approached us a while ago, as their sole developer could not longer make time to work on the website.

Another tale of legacy

The previous developer was kind enough to prepare us … yep Rails 3 and ancient versions of everything! We mapped out a road to get to Rails 5 and after the approval came, we started executing. The website is now fully managed by us on up-to-date hardware. We will bump the Rails versions with no rush.

To fix all immediate issues, we deployed a proxy server to act as WAF and single point of entry, allowing us to install for example https without having to change a single line of application code. It turned out to be a succesfol approach.

Building stuff that actually matters

You might think I’m joking around, what with the old Rails version. But truth be told this is what we love doing. A clear business need; get to work!