Hosting as reliable and (seeminly) simple as flicking a light switch

Hosting a website has become like installing a light switch. Connect some wires, hit it, and a lamp goes on.

It’s cheap, practically invisible and it’s very uncool. Oh, and it’s expected to work every single time, for decades, without maintenance.

Um, yes please? A hundred of them?

Even if we developed everything in-house, our customers rightfully compare their website hosting with Facebook or Google. The only way to play this game, is team up with the best companies in the world. By choosing Netlify, we have done just that.


There was a light, and it was Netlify

Netlify gives our customers world-class features:

  • Global content delivery network
  • Instantaneous, automated deployment
  • Split testing of new features
  • DDOS protection and network redundancy
  • Encryption with https for everyone
  • Maximum performance and infinite scale
  • Rollback to previous website versions

Their website explains it much better than we can.

JAMstack ftw

Space Babies has worked with every hosting solution imaginable: from hand-crafted pet servers to huge automated server farms. Netlify is the current top dog in this world. Their offer is very forward-looking: if you have a recent browser, you’ll experience speed that seems out of this world. Don’t believe us? Visit De Schatkamer van De Stijl in Chrome, which usually fully loads in under 400 ms. At the same time, they utilize a technique—static HTML—that has literally existed since the birth of the web.

The combination is unstoppable and we’re proud and excited to pass it all on to our customers.

Instead of abandoning hosting, or leaving it to massive providers that mostly don’t care, we’re embracing and celebrating this new future.