King nascholing

This tailor-made ecommerce and online courseware website saves King nascholing countless hours of manual labor, making students happier and more effective.

The client approached us to take their manual enrollment process online. We proceeded to automate as much of the process as possible: from student enrollment, to online courseware, to reminders via email.

Since King nascholing came from a mostly manual process, and so did not have the online steps clearly defined, we held a couple User Story Workshops first. In these collaborative, open sessions we dug in to find the stories that needed to be implemented. Priorities were determined collaboratively, and an agile workflow was adopted.

Space Babies pushed out almost daily progress to the software, and we were very open in accepting changes resulting from new insights. This led to the new website being delivered on time and within budget; albeit with many lower-priority functionality unimplemented. The large list of learnings is now used for ongoing maintenance. Space Babies continues to monitor, manage and improve the website to this day.