De Digitale Topschool: online learning environment for gifted children

Our e-learning environment helps gifted students in primary education by matching them with a private mentor.

De Digitale Topschool

De Digitale Topschool

De Digitale Topschool (Dutch) offers challenging content for children in primary education. It relieves pressure on teachers in the basic educational system, since their gifted students are privately mentored by our top-teachers. Our curriculum is created by experts and is constantly kept up-to-date. De Digitale Topschool is an Dutch innovation in the field of primary education.

Passend Onderwijs

Fitting education? Wha?

All primary schools in The Netherlands are required to offer passend onderwijs: a level of education suitable for each individual child. De Digitale Topschool is aimed at cognitively gifted children in the upper classes. The website offers almost two hundred assignments in various fields, such as physics, poetry, art, math, and history. A student logs on, chooses an assignment, and completes it online with the help of a private mentor.

One of these mentors is Marvyn Koning, researcher at LUMC. He created a series of assignments about blood and cancer. A student who chooses one of these assignments, can get matched with Marvym himself. The mentoring is one-on-one. This is a unique concept.

All primary education schools in The Netherlands can subscribe to De Digitale Topschool. The system is operated by the non-profit foundation Stichting De Digitale Topschool, whose board contains teachers currently working in the field. The whole was created by Theo Capel, child psychologist in Amsterdam.

De Digitale Topschool

De Digitale Topschool

Space Babies created it

Space Babies created the website from scratch and works on improving it since launch. We also operate the chat-based helpdesk that is embedded in the website, so that students receive timely response in case they’re stuck. Availability and security are of the utmost importance, and student‘s personal information is regulated by Dutch privacy laws.