ClamAV monitoring with OkComputer

Made the world every so slightly better today.

Better is good

Better is good

For some projects, I add a virus scanner for every upload going into the system. You just don’t know what someone could be bringing into your houseserver, intentionally or not. In fact, I think you should be checking each and every bit of user-generated content that comes into your systems. Use an external service and pony up, or do what we done did and deploy your own virus scanning infrastructure for gratis using ClamAV!

I am not going into specifics of how file scanning on demand works at scale. I recommend the combination clamd/clamdscan and the Ruby tool Clamby.

About ClamAV

It’s all fun and games to install a little piece of software on a server. But what needs doing long term, is monitoring if it keeps working.

There are many monitoring tools on the market, but for our Ruby on Rails apps we like to use OkComputer. There was no known method to monitor ClamAV with OkComputer. Until today!

We created an OkComputer integration

We wrote the official check which you can add to your installation now.

Monitor clamd from the luxury of your existing OkComputer setup! This check will make noise when the daemon does not respond to messages. It makes a socket connection, sends a PING and waits for a PONG. If any of that does not occur, you’ll know it.

It’s on rubygems and you can install it using all normal procedures. Enjoy! <3