Draw and submit your building permit online. Hard hat and safety boots not needed.


Space Babies maintains BLITTS, an online application to create and submit building permits for home improvement.

Where usually the process to obtain a building permit means several trips to city hall, and several chats with folks wary of your napkin diagrams, BLITTS injects some 21st century into the process. You can create detailed plans of your house online, even if you haven’t studied civil engineering. Enter your home’s dimensions and the planned changes. Something not right? You can always go back and change the specs.

When drawing is complete, BLITTS also takes you through several questions to determine what kind of permit you actually need. This is specific per city, and even city zone. The application does have all the information however and he’s very patient too. Currently, several large local governments in The Netherlands, like Rotterdam and Zaanstad, use BLITTS.

The application was conceived by its founders Martijn Verbeek and Joris Kleinveld. After the initial developers left, we eventually took over a neglected Rails 2 application. Our assessment led to a couple scenarios in which the app could become great again. Imagine our delight when the founders agreed with a rigid upgrade and maintenance process, in which we were given green light for rigorous upkeep, test-driven development and, as we always do, continuous delivery. Carefully and with excrutiating attention to detail, we brought everything to spec and totally rebuilt the test suite. Founders happy, but most notably, (some) citizens happy.

This application is now healthy, has great test coverage, Let’s Encrypt certificates, sits on top the latest Ruby and a modern network stack. Latest monthly uptimes have been solid 100s. BLITTS is actively monitored by us to make sure it remains available.