Wijdegat Concert: an Afternoon to Remember

9 September 2023

Today, I had the privilege of being both the systems engineer and the front-of-house engineer for the Wijdegat Concert. And let me tell you, it was an experience like no other.

The venue itself was a challenge. Imagine this: a stage set on a raft in the middle of the Wijde Gat lake, with the backstage being a small boat. The journey to Kortenhoef involved hauling a power source, PA, equipment, and the entire back line. The final stretch of our journey was by boat, making the setup all the more unique.

For this gig, I used the Midas MR-18, and the sound was simply impeccable. I employed three reverbs and a stereo tap delay to achieve the desired acoustics. The result? A sonic experience that resonated with the natural surroundings and left the audience in awe.

RHTHM, this year’s band, showcased their versatility with a range of tracks. But the highlight for me was their rendition of “Valerie.” They slowed it down, giving it a soulful touch, and just when you thought it was over, they picked up the pace for the last two verses. It was a delightful twist that had people dancing on their boats. Some even took a dive into the water, making the most of the clear blue skies and the picturesque Dutch wetlands.

The concert, set amidst the natural beauty of Kortenhoefse Plassen, has become a tradition. With the support of various organizations and sponsors, this annual event has grown in stature. And this year was no different. The weather was perfect, the music was soul-stirring, and the ambiance was electric.

RHTHM, with their six-member ensemble, brought a mix of funky jazz numbers from renowned artists. Their setlist, specially curated for the Wijdegat Concert, had both popular and lesser-known tracks, and own material. The band’s enthusiasm was palpable, and they were eager to make 9th September a memorable day for all.

In conclusion, the Wijdegat Concert was not just another gig for me. It was an adventure, a challenge, and most importantly, a celebration of music amidst nature. The memories of this day will remain etched in my heart for a long time. And I’m sure, for everyone who was there, it was an afternoon they won’t forget.