Vpro Zomergasten: Kamagurka

20 August 2023

Summer in the Netherlands isn’t just about sun and holidays; it also heralds the return of the acclaimed television series Zomergasten.

As a recurring backstage presence at these live broadcasts, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing many incredible guests and hosts sharing their stories.

This week was particularly special as we welcomed Kamagurka, the illustrious cartoonist and multifaceted artist. Known to many as Luc Zeebroek, his tales of growing up in the Belgian coastal town of Nieuwpoort and evolving into a cultural icon were both entertaining and enlightening.

Every episode of Zomergasten carries its own energy, and with Kamagurka, there was a unique blend of wit, absurdism, and profound insights. Theo Maassen, conducting the interview, rightly described him as “a one-of-a-kind artist, an absurdist whose work is both nonsensical and profound.” As I gear up for more episodes this season, this experience underscores the magic and diversity of stories we get to hear. And while every episode is distinct, my commitment remains constant: ensuring impeccable sound and stage setup for an immersive audience experience. Here’s to many more nights with Zomergasten!


tags: muziekgebouw