Symfonieorkest de Philharmonie

4 June 2023

Worked as a humble stage hand at Muziekgebouw for the Italiaans drama event, performed by the renowned Symfonieorkest De Philharmonie.

Held in the majestic Grote Zaal, the performance celebrated Italian music, blending opera and film scores, telling tales of love, solitude, joy, and fear. From the evocative pieces of Puccini and the spirited overtures of Rossini to the captivating film music of Nino Rota, every note resonated perfectly, thanks in part to the meticulous sound engineering work behind the scenes. Collaborating with such a respected orchestra, known for its expertise in the late-Romantic repertoire, and being part of an event that showcased such talented soloists like Kristina Bitenc and Eric Reddet, was an enriching experience. It’s moments like these that remind me of the magic of live music and the profound impact of sound engineering in bringing these performances to life.


tags: muziekgebouw amsterdam