Dauw: a Prelude to Daylight in Sound and Story

3 November 2023

On a crisp November evening, the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam was transformed into a threshold between night and day, courtesy of ‘Dauw’, a unique performance by the Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest.

This was not merely a concert but an exploration of the blue hour — that mystical time when the world hovers between the last whispers of the moon and the eager rays of the sun.

Behind the Scenes with the Crew

As part of the crew, my role was pivotal in bringing the serene ambiance of ‘Dauw’ to life. Under the dim lights of the stage, I meticulously set pieces into place, ensuring that each element of the set resonated with the theme of dawn. Connecting microphones, light fixtures, and speakers, I was one of the artisans working in the shadows to weave together a flawless tapestry of sound and light.

The Tapestry of Sound and Sight

The past performance saw ancient melodies float across the stage, delivered through the time-honored ud, ney, and rabab. Each musician, from Marianne Noordink’s wind-whispered melodies to Rémy Dielemans’ deep strings, played from the soul, without the barrier of sheet music. Their repertoire, a blend of centuries-old tunes and cultural hymns, celebrated ‘dauw’ — not just as morning dew but also as the ’light’ in a musical sense.

Echoing a Sustainable Note

Sustainability was more than a concept for this event — it was a practice. I took pride in arranging decors crafted from repurposed wood and positioning costumes that told stories of performances past. This environmentally conscious approach harmonized with the ethereal music, echoing the orchestra’s respect for both heritage and nature.


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