Behind the Scenes of Angel's Bone

9 November 2023

Just wrapped up working on Angel’s Bone, an opera that’s been stirring waves since its 2016 debut.

The set? An astonishing assembly of massive, stark metal cages, flickering monochrome TVs, and an ambiance that perfectly captured the opera’s gritty realism. Think rusty metal, dirt, dust – a visual feast that translated into a unique challenge for us backstage.

This production’s theme – human trafficking and abuse – is as intense as it gets. While it didn’t resonate with me on a personal level, the audience’s reaction was something else. The cast received a standing ovation, and the satisfaction was palpable. Part of my role included managing the wireless mics post-show, a crucial task in maintaining the seamless audio experience this opera demands.

From a technical standpoint, “Angel’s Bone” was a tour de force. The production team rolled in with their own PA and equipment, leading us to clear out our line array at Muziekgebouw. They even constructed bleachers in the Grote Zaal for the audience! As a sound engineer, the ‘snow crash’ aesthetic of the black and white TVs strewn around was a visual treat. And for those curious, the video was seamlessly fed using an SDI cable, ensuring high-quality visuals to complement the intense audio experience.