Our latest product Scrollytelling is smashing all records

Published by Joost Baaij on 31 March 2021

We co-founded and bootstrapped a successful SaaS aimed at national media.

The birth of Scrollytelling

With co-founder Martijn van Tol, Joost brought Scrollytelling into this world. You either love or hate the name. I hate it, but that’s not really relevant when you’re hugely successful. Things like the incorporated name and even the .io domain (so 2012) become details when you’re dealing with 3 million readers who are all streaming hi-def video.

The origin story is on Scrollytelling’s website and does a grand job of explaining how the application came to be. All development was done by Space Babies, and combined with our world-class devops the engine has been spinning non-stop since the first story.

The division between Space Babies and Scrollytelling blurs from time to time, and that’s fine. We invoice all hosting at-cost and work on infrastructure on our free time. Not because we’re good people (though we are), but because we want to.

💗 Open Source

GitHub - be social

One of the best aspects of Scrollytelling is that we get to contribute greatly back to Open Source. The underlying Pageflow application has received a bunch of updates from us; all of which were gladly accepted. The improvements led to other improvements. It’s thrilling to experience this virtuous cycle first hand. Open Source: humanity(tm), Done Right(r).