I, for one, welcome our AI overlords

Published by Joost Baaij on 2 April 2021

Remember WALL-E, the animated garbage compacting robot?

WALL-E lives on a dystopian, garbage-ridden planet. That was probably a warning...

Well, now there is DALL-E.


DALL-E is a scientific paper by Aditya Ramesh and others. It describes a new invention how to let computers create images, just by describing them in English. If that sounds fantastical, I agree!

One of the examples given in the announcement is “an armchair in the shape of an avocado. an armchair imitating an avocado”. And this, amazingly, is what DALL-E came up with:


To me, this is amazing, fantastical, the-future-is-here and also a little scary. If machines are this human, what does that mean for us?

Are we obsolete? (I’ve never said my ideas were original.)



What I did, was open the DALL-E notebook in Google Colab, follow the instructions, and think of something the computer could create.

A mouse on a boat in a city

I chose a mouse on a boat in a city and this is the result. Click on any image to enlarge it, and use the arrow keys to see all images in order. This shows really well that DALL-E gets better at creating the picture in every step.

Humans still rule

Unfortunately, the notebook crshed before it could finish. Phew, we still have a use on this planet! But truth be told, I am very impressed. Who knows where this will go?