Hello, I’m Joost.

Full Stack Developer

I run Space Babies, a software development company in Amsterdam. I create beautiful, fast and secure internet applications, and have been doing so for more than twenty years.

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My customers thrive online, because of their online properties I helped create. E-commerce runs uninterrupted, incidents are rare, and I write documentation and tests to keep it that way. I specialize in mission-critical applications, such as global e-commerce and content management systems used from all over the world.

I founded Space Babies in 2000 and have used almost every web technology imaginable. My products routinely handle millions of visitors without breaking a sweat. I usually handle monitoring and preemtive maintenance as well.

Last but not least, I am recognised being in the top 5% of global Ruby developers on StackOverflow.



For interactive, bespoke, and e-commerce apps:
Ruby on Rails
Versatile, battle-tested ecosystem to create fully interactive web applications. I am an expert, having used it since before it came to market.
For websites, brochures, anything content-driven:
Standardisation of web development best practices, focusing on speed and security. Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I deploy these globally.
Dec 2002 - current
Owner / Managing Director
Space Babies
Mar 2012 - Sep 2020
Founder / CTO
De Digitale Topschool
Mar 2016 - Aug 2020
King nascholing


I can work solo or as team lead/manager. I am an expert in development, security, standards, and operations. I am very experienced building content management systems and e-commerce solutions. I enjoy increasing my customer’s value. A full stack developer such as me can complete all aspects of a website: front-end (what you see), back-end (how it works) and operational management.

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King nascholing
Mr. Jones
De Digitale Topschool


Co-founded and architected Scrollytelling, a successful new business for telling content-rich online stories. Ultimately serving more than 7 million readers.
King nascholing

King nascholing

I architected and built this bespoke mission critical e-commerce website and online courseware. All their business now runs through this property.

De Digitale Topschool

I architected, designed and built the premier Dutch online school for gifted children in primary education, and have handled all maintenance since then.
De Digitale Topschool






Overhoeksplein 2
NL-1031 KS Amsterdam

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