HTTPS for the masses

Remember that post where I showed you how to easily run https on your local development server? Well, it just got easier.

Testing all the things with Chrome DevTools Protocol

If you, like me, are using Chrome to test your applications, your life just got better. It’s time to say adieu to Chromedriver and Selenium.

The Defiant Red

My very own father is a renowned expert of ceramic glazes. It’s been his work his entire life. And retirement or not, it seems he has a little trouble letting go…

Website development on HTTPS: be your own GoDaddy

Long gone are the days when https for websites was a curiosity; reserved only for the checkout page. Encryption is the norm now.

But as creators, we never bothered with https when developing something. In fact, it was a burden. We cannot get “real” https certificates on our local workstations. We have to create our own.

Scrollytelling is shutting down

There’s honor in delivering great work, even if it’s a website announcing the shuttering of one of your products.

ClamAV monitoring with OkComputer

Made the world every so slightly better today.

Bitbucket Pipelines: now 200% more DRY

Today, I saw the future. And it was bright. And full of annoying youngsters who acted as if they were the alpha and omega of society, now get off my lawn!!

Recursive Rails partials

Love it when I make the world slightly better by improving an Open Source product I use.

Cookie Opt-In: doing the GOD DAMN CORRECT THING

Oh, GDPR, GDPGRRRRRRRRRR! Have you been in the situation where you—and your customer!—want to do the right thing, and only load third-party cookies after an actual opt-in? Fond of the Cookie Consent widget like I am? Read on!

Testing JavaScript, now with more Chrome

Starting today, I am using Chrome to run automated browser tests. I tell Chrome to browse through my sites, click buttons, and (mis)behave like a regular human. And Chrome does so, without complaints, after every little change I make.

Mr. Jones

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Jones is now maintained by Space Babies.

Zap those inline styles

We‘ve all done it: adding inline styles to HTML pages, because the content is dynamic. Backgrounds for example. Inline styles bother me because they bloat the page, can’t be cached and just look ugly. Zap those ugly inline styles! Using Rails helpers and bad-ass cache magic. ✨

Middleman Netlify Server Push

Last month, Netlify introduced their implementation of HTTP/2 Server Push. We started using this and have have noticed significantly faster websites. Here is how to configure Middleman to use this feature.

Treasury of De Stijl

For Scrollytelling, we helped build and now host and support The Treasury of De Stijl. We celebrate the art form’s Centennial with unique stories and bleeding-edge technology.

lightswitch hosting

Hosting a website has become like installing a light switch. Connect some wires, hit it, and a lamp goes on. It’s cheap, practically invisible and it’s very uncool. Oh, and it’s expected to work every single time, for decades, without maintenance.

Ed van der Elsken

Three webdocs. The man in words and pictures.

King nascholing

This tailor-made ecommerce and online courseware website saves King nascholing countless hours of manual labor, making students happier and more effective.

Let's Build Something New

Let’s build something totally new today! It has been snowing all weekend, and my town is covered in a fluffy white blanket. Perfect conditions for the creation of a thing.

Agriculture in the context of forced displacement

By invitation of the Lemon Tree Trust, we went to Iraq to find stories around urban agriculture by people who leave or flee their homes due to conflict, violence, persecution or human rights violations.

De Digitale Topschool

Our e-learning environment helps gifted students in primary education by matching them with a private mentor.

A postcode widget in React

Our job is to create beautiful, fast and secure web applications. This postcode widget embodies all three aspects.


We co-founded and bootstrapped a succesful SaaS aimed at national media.


Draw and submit your building permit online. Hard hat and safety boots not needed.

Paul de Ruiter

A stunning new corporate identity, and creation of a new website to go with it.

Ruby on Rails

It is one of the great web frameworks. Airbnb and Shopify are built with it, to name just two. Even though it‘s been around since biblical times, it shows no signs of aging. Given a choice, we always use it to build web somethings. Here is why.

That name?

We didn’t choose the name Space Babies. The name chose us.