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We create complex web applications using Ruby on Rails

Over the years we have specialized in creating beautiful, fast and secure products for education, broadcast media and startups.

Our experience allows us to produce complete solutions, using the full stack of functional specifications, interaction and user experience design, coding, continuous testing and operational deployment. Like most in our trade we work Agile, which means weekly iterations and a process that's welcoming to change. Space Babies has been developing web sites since 2001 and we have senior experience using Ruby on Rails (core contributor).

De Digitale Topschool

Theo Capel was referred to us by a mutual friend. When the developer he originally hired failed to deliver a working site, Theo came to us with a severely restricted budget and planning. We decided to take on this project anyway, shouldering some of the sunk cost. We worked on two PSDs that were barely usable, and built the entire site from scratch. We used behaviour-driven development and met with Theo on a weekly basis to make sure we got all the use cases right.

Space Babies managed to deliver this project in record time and it's users have been happy ever since. Initially the project was hosted on a shared environment as a result of the earlier developer's choices. When that contract ended we moved the entire stack to a modern environment where we still control the operation on a daily basis. The project is still maintained with a Service Level Agreement and average incident response time of 30 minutes.

Who What Where Is

Micala Hutchison and Sarah-Jane Threipland approached us in 2013 to build their events-based social platform. They provided the designs in Photoshop, and Space Babies completed the rest: from production of HTML5, Use Cases and behaviour-driven development, to coding and weekly milestones and selection of a hosting solution and continued operational maintenance on a private cloud.


TradeBench is a free online trading journal, trade planning, position sizing and risk management software for private stock, futures, CFD and forex traders in the financial markets. We work closely together with the business owner, to continuously deploy fixes and changes to the site. We also act as a sparring partner from a security point of view.

We make extraterrestricalicious web apps

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